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“Thy Will Be Done…”

Tue, August 02, 2011

Our CBM STEP INDIA partnership began in February 2010.  It is a 3 year year partnership between the Queens Sunbury Association, Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM), and our India Baptist family.  We commit to learn from one another, to pray for one another, and to share our abundant resources in practically helping one another.


It all started years ago (2008) when our Queens Sunbury Asociation Executive felt it was God’s will to partner in mission work together.  The Queens Sunbury Mission Committee brought in Terry Smith from CBM to talk with us, we made an information DVD, did mailouts, and had multiple information meetings.  We felt the clear leading of God to engage this partnership.  Association Council gave their vote of approval in November 2009.  So here is our story thus far:


1. In our first year we witnessed a renewed excitment among several of our churches as they found ways to give and raise awareness of India.  A website was launched ( as a pilot project experiment for communications.  We held a special mission rally at Green Hill Lake Camp and throughout that year 9 churches participated in fundraising $7400 for our CBM STEP India partnership.  Well done team!


2.  Our India partners had asked us to come at the very start of our second year to India.  Due to multiple factors registrations were slow in coming but all the members on the final mission team felt “called” to go.  The team consisted of Rev. Jerry Horsman (Regional Minister); Rev. Aubrey & Diane Trail; Rev. Phil & Melanie Styles, and Linda Naves (CBM).  We all raised our own support through Association Gospel concerts and our local churches.  The team went for two weeks to India in late Febraury 2011.  We came back enriched, grateful, and transformed.  We learned so much.  Some of you may have heard the mission trip updates at our Queens Sunbury Association Spring Rally or when we’ve come to your church or group.  Quick Highlights:

  • We joined in officially ending child labour in Tuni India!  Miraculous!  Yeah God!
  • Our support and partners in HIV/AIDS work in India are doing a fabulous job!  I can already hear the Master’s voice, “Well done, my good and faithful servants!”
  • We intimately got to see and care for the hospital our ancestors built in 1905.  God has mighty plans for this work!
  • We preached salvation to hotel hosts, orphans, previously children slaves, and multiple church audiences.
  • Our hosts were spiritual giants.  We grew in deep, deep respect of them.


As if that wasn’t enough to inspire endless praises to God, God also sent us Rev. Dr. Suraj Komaravalli in June 2011 where he spoke at the United Baptist Church of Minto and Waterborough Baptist.  We also hosted a Saturday morning breakfast where Suraj shared and engaged our questions.  IF you missed those gatherings, you should request a DVD of the message from Suraj!  Truely inspiring!


CBM STEP India had a symposium with key leaders in Atlantic Canada (SouthWestern Association and Queens Sunbury Association) also in June and we spent 2 days asking tough questions and working thorugh our partnership relationship.  One key element that kept coming to the surface was “long term” partnership and commitment.  The Queens Sunbury Mission Committee is still trying to sort through that whisper of God.


Dennis Shierman is coming to Atlantic Canada to help us dialogue through this process in August 2011.  Dennis Shierman is a staff member of Canadian Baptist Ministries responsible for STEP partnerships.  We are still trying to figure out how to honor God’s will while balancing the flow of information and support from our 30 Queens Sunbury Association churches.  As we try to figure this out, we hope to send a DVD and some more information in the fall of 2011.


Year 3 will start in February 2012.  We can only imagine what God will stir.



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