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Tue, March 02, 2010

Dear Co-Workers in the Gospel;
I trust that the hope, peace, joy, and love of God are yours in abundance this season and all year.  Thank you for serving!  You’re making a difference.
I am writing on behalf of our Queens Sunbury Association Mission Team.  I imagine you’ve already received and glanced over the mail-outs we sent in August and September 2009 with the DVD promotion of our CBM STEP India partnership.  Thank you for taking time to do that.
Many of us were also part of our Association Mission Rally in October 2009 at Geary Baptist where we unpacked the CBM STEP partnership a bit more.  It was a great event and felt anointed by God!  God is doing good things.
We recently had a November Association Council meeting in Maugerville.  The minutes state:
MISSION TEAM- Rev. Phil Styles shared a short presentation of the CBM STEP Program.
MOTION: Made by Rev. Phil Styles and seconded by Gary Mersereau, “Because we believe it is God’s will, on behalf of the Mission Team and Council I move that the Queen Sunbury Association partner with CBM and our India Baptist family in a 3 year STEP partnership.” MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION: Made by Rev. Phil Styles and seconded by Rev. Jerry Horsman that the start date be February 15, 2010.  MOTION CARRIED.

Wow!  That truly is amazing.  Our council was actively asking question of when and how will we begin.  Hence, the reason for this letter.
We are an Association of 32 churches and 15 WMS or ABW groups.  Together, we believe we can actively engage in missions and global discipleship.  We may not all have money to invest, but we all have something to offer this journey of growing together.



We are committing to a 3 year partnership with our India Baptist family through CBM.  We’ve had CBM ministries in India since the late 1800’s.  Our partnership will include raising together $10,000 a year for those 3 years.  Of those monies, 75% are designated to ministries that CBM and our India family have agreed on.  The other 25% is invested in a program of our desire in consultation with our India family.  The two ministries that we are choosing to invest in are: HIV & AIDs work and a CHILD LABOUR REHAB PROGRAM.  Short descriptions follow:
a.       HIV and AIDS was first detected in India in 1986.  In 2007 it was estimated through household surveys that 2.3 million people are living with HIV.  3.5% of those are children.  This ministry will involve education, food, and medication for those infected. We feel this is an urgent ministry (Matthew 25:34-40).

b.      CHILD LABOUR REHABILITATION PROGRAM is a ministry that takes children out of rock mines and gives them education and trains the village in vocational skills and helps the parents.  80% of people in India live on less than $2 a day. 47% of children are underweight.  Despite the fact that India’s Constitution prohibits children under fourteen years old from working or being exposed to hazardous equipment, the country has an estimated 70-80 million child labourers. It is common to find children as young as five working in mines, working with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture, working with dangerous machinery, or toiling as domestic servants in homes, working under conditions which are damaging to their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development. This program brings 50 children in the Tuni area each year out of such conditions, and brings them into an environment that facilitates their healthy development.

During our 3 year partnership, our Association Mission Team will also help plan a short-term mission trip to India.  We will be able to visit and encourage our India family and the ministries we partner with.  It will likely be organized for 2011, and God willing will be 10 days on the ground and 2 days travel each direction (two weeks).  A mission team is usually around 8 people.  How many trips and teams we send will depend on interest as we move forward.  Those who chose to participate in a short-term mission trip would work together in raising funds for the expenses of that trip.  It would cost roughly $3000/person – the cost is largely for flights.  When our India partners are in Canada we will receive priority in hosting and spending time with them.
Our Queens Sunbury mission team is working hard to find ways to grow and celebrate this journey together!  For instance,

  • We are designing a web site so you can check out information on our partnership whenever it’s convenient for you.  We’re just beginning!  More details to come.
  • We’ve attached some creative ideas of how some of you may want to approach generating revenue.  Others may just want to budget for this partnership.  The option is yours.
  • We are looking at possibly having a Green Hill Lake Camp day in the spring where we can meet and share about our CBM STEP partnership and enjoy our local expressions of missions at the camp.  Wouldn’t that be great?!
  • We are planning a “Kick-Off” service for Sunday, February 21st, 2010 at the United Baptist Church of Minto.  The gathering will run from 5-7 PM and will include a supper with “India” options, as well as a service with pictures of our partners and the celebration signing of our “contract” with CBM.  Advertisements will be sent in the new year, but keep your eyes open!
  • Your church is responsible for receipting its own monies.  The money raised can be sent to our Association Treasurer, Faye Quigley (1500 Pleasant Drive, Minto, NB, E4B2V9). Please include a note saying that it is for CBM STEP.

Some churches have already made financial commitments to this partnership.  What about your church family or Atlantic Baptist Women’s group?  We need and value your feedback.
Do you want to be part of this exciting opportunity?  ¨ Yes   ¨ No
If so, who would be the best contact person to pass resources and information to?  Someone who has Internet abilities would be helpful, but not necessary.
How much do you believe your church family could commit to this partnership?  A realistic goal would help us make appropriate plans.  For instance, could your group or church raise $100/year?  One church has already committed $2000/year and another $1000/year.  One two point charge suggested they could do $500/year.  What do you believe you can do? (Mark 6:34-44)
We would love your feedback!  Please call or e-mail or Phil Styles (Mission Team Chair) with your responses to the above questions or if you require more information.
Ph. (506) 327-6306 E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Mailing: 124 Pleasant Drive, Minto, NB E4B 2V3
Looking forward to growing together!
Phil Styles

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