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India Mission Trip Information

Thu, March 25, 2010



CBM has organized our Queens Sunbury Association Mission Trip to India for

February 15 till March 1, 2011.

Present details for the mission trip are as follows:


  • Team of 10-12 people maximum
  • 18+ years old to participate
  • CBM is asking teams to do their own airline booking. Some may choose to use points, and etc. We will help coordinate and facilitate this process as a team. We will all be flying into Hyderabad. For February, a good airline cost is up to $2500 roundtrip.
  • CBM COST is $1700/person - which includes $200 deposit, accommodations (staying in hotels), food (eating at hotel), transportation, domestic flight once in India (child labour ministry in northern India), departure tax, project costs (translator, activities, etc)
  • Additional costs to you will be an up-to-date passport, visa, police check, vaccinations, and etc.
  • Linda Naves, our Maritime CBM staff, will do an orientation with the team
  • There will be a project of some sort - our team make-up will partially define our project. Our major goal is to go to learn and build relationships.
  • The sooner we get our potential team dynamics mobilized, the greater our chance for an effective and vibrant experience.
  • Our partners are longing to meet us!


Application Process

1. Discuss your interest with your local pastor / leadership.

2. Complete a CBM STM Application. You can download at - Our project code is INDIA - S34483

3. Return completed application to Phil Styles (124 Pleasant Dr. Minto, NB, E4B2S8) of the Queens Sunbury Mission Team.

NOTE: We are asking mission candidates to apply by October 2010.

4. An interview appointment will be made between yourself and the Queens Sunbury Mission Team.


Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Your local church must be partnering in the CBM STEP India partnership. A commitment of at least $100/year is required from the church.
  • If selected, we will have some team training.  Given our geography, and timing, we will likely do most communication via e-mails & web-page.  We will nightly debrief during our mission trip for unique situations that arise.
  • Each person is responsible for their own fundraising. We can discuss fundraising skills with you at your request.
  • The selection of team members will be dependent on several factors. We want a diverse team from several churches of both genders


Churches who have communicated CBM STEP India support so far:

1. Cumberland Bay Baptist Church $200

2. First Cambridge Baptist $1000

3. First Chipman United Baptist Church $100 - free will offering

4. Fredericton Junction United Baptist Church $1000

5. Jemseg Baptist Church WMS $300

6. Maugerville United Baptist Church $100 - free will offering

7. Rusagonis Baptist Church $1200

8. Tracy United Baptist Church $1000

9. United Baptist Church of Minto $2000

10. Waterborough Baptist Church $200

11. Wirral United Baptist Church $300

Present TOTAL: $7400

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